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I have received the following information from WSSC about fraudulent calls that are being made to residents trying to sell water filters to combat COVID-19. Here is the information from WSSC:

Your tap water is safe. Don’t fall victim to a scammer selling you a water filter for Coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus is NOT detected in water and NOT transmitted by water. WSSC Water treats and tests the water to deliver it safely to you. For more information visit

WSSC also provided this information about shutoffs and fees:

In an effort to protect the health of our customers and employees, as well as assist families impacted by the Coronoavirus (COVID-19), WSSC has:

  • Suspended all water service shutoffs and planned shutdowns
  • Waived late fees
  • Closed our buildings to the public
  • Suspended all in-home, non-emergency work (meter readings, water sampling and inspections for a week at a time
Contact WSSC Water at 301-206-4001 or 1-800-828-6439 or to discuss your specific situation.



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