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Senator King Elected Vice-Chair of Senate Delegation


The eight State Senators serving in Annapolis from Montgomery County have chosen Senator Jamie Raskin (D-D20) as their new Delegation Chairman and Senator Nancy King (D-D39) as their Vice-Chair.

Senator Raskin takes the reins from Senator Rich Madaleno, who has served the Montgomery Delegation as Chair for the last three years.

“I am thrilled to be taking on this assignment,” Raskin said. “We have the largest County delegation in the Senate and eight Members with extraordinary energy, knowledge and wisdom. I am delighted to be serving them and the people of our County in this important capacity.”

Senator King commented, “Our state and county are confronting some very difficult decisions. I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve with Senator Raskin and a team that is working towards fair and equitable solutions to these complex issues we are facing.”

Senator Raskin praised his predecessor for his leadership.

“Through tough times, Rich Madaleno has served us with remarkable energy and surpassing budget expertise and insight,” Raskin said. “I intend to call on him constantly for his mastery over the budget process. I will also be leaning heavily on Senator King, yet another superbly knowledgeable member of the Budget and Tax Committee. We have a great team in the Senate.”

Senator Madaleno said: "I congratulate my friends and colleagues Jamie Raskin and Nancy King on their election as the delegation's new chair and vice-chair. It has been a pleasure to work with Sen. Raskin over the past three years in helping to guide the delegation. Sen. Raskin is one of the most talented members of the Senate, and his unparalleled debating skills will serve our residents very well as he works with the Senate leadership. I am also confident that the new leadership team will continue to strengthen the excellent working relationship our delegation has developed with our colleagues in the House and on the county level."

Senator Raskin emphasized the importance of “unity and cohesion” in the Montgomery County Senate and House delegations. “We have invaluable ideas and insight to offer the state,” he said. “And when we stick together, we win. I am excited to be working with my House counterpart, Delegate Brian Feldman, all of our colleagues in both chambers, as well as County Executive Ike Leggett, Council President Valerie Ervin, the other members of the Council, and School Board President Chris Barclay and the other members of the Board."

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