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  • Education

    Nancy King’s commitment to Montgomery County schools began when her own children attended our local schools, and deepened when she became president of the PTA and the Montgomery County Board of Education.

    Nancy fights for progressive education reform while protecting Montgomery County’s schools. As a member of the Budget & Taxation committee, she
    blocked a $23.4 million cut to our educational system, and brought home over $100 million for school construction and renovation projects. She stood up to leaders in her own party when they tried to push pension costs back to local government, saving the County $70 million annually.

    In addition to fighting for Montgomery County’s fair share, Nancy supports new and innovative ideas in education. She helped pass laws to make sure teachers have professional development and mentorship programs. She authored legislation to create a K-12 digital library to provide on-line resources to students in the classroom. And she is leading the way in
    creating a path to universal pre-kindergarten in Maryland.

  • Public Safety

    As a parent, Nancy King understands the need to keep our communities safe. She has voted to strengthen penalties for child abuse and fought to crack down on school bullying, gang violence. Nancy was the lead Senate sponsor to make child neglect a crime in Maryland and worked closely with Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown on this law to keep children safe in their home. She worked with a bipartisan coalition to crack down on sexual predators, increasing penalties and eliminating “good behavior” credits for these criminals.

    Nancy is leading the fight to protect our children from the common household dangers. She voted to
    ban the chemical BPA from ordinary household products and to ban lead from children’s toys. After a local family lost a child to a corded drapery blind, Nancy fought to raise awareness of the danger of these items and passed legislation to prevent a horrible accident from occurring in the future.

  • Job Creation

    Nancy King supports innovative public investment to strengthen our economy and create jobs. As Delegate, she voted to increase small business loans and to increase small business assistance. She is a strong proponent of tax credits to create jobs in the biotechnology field. She is also a strong supporter of common sense investments in “green” jobs, including innovative legislation to grow the “green collar” jobs in Maryland.

    In 2010, Nancy worked with Governor O’Malley to pass a
    $5,000 tax credit, available to an employer for each unemployed Marylander the employer hires. This emergency legislation has put hundreds of Marylanders back to work as the state emerges from a deep national recession.

  • Government Accountability and Transparency

    Nancy King believes that Government accountability starts at home. That’s why she voted to reject a pay raise for herself and other members of the General Assembly twice, and returned 12 days of her pay to the taxpayers. Additionally, she voted to require the State to develop a single searchable on-line database containing every State disbursement over $25,000 so that taxpayers have additional tools to hold government accountable.

    In 2010, Nancy led the way to bring greater transparency to the General Assembly. She was the lead sponsor on a bill to require webcasts of committee hearings, record online votes, and open up all the features of the General Assembly website to the general public without a costly fee. After the legislative session she worked with the Governor, Senate President and Speaker of the House on this issue and most of the reforms contained in her bill were adopted by the General Assembly during the 2011 legilative session.

  • Foreclosure Prevention and Protection

    Our community has been hit harder by the foreclosure crisis than any other community in Montgomery County. Senator King took action to crack down on unethical mortgage lenders and scams, and to require more leniency and mediation when homeowners fall behind. She worked with Governor O’Malley to pass legislation to give people the tools necessary to stay in their homes make it through the foreclosure process. To help seniors, she fought for a property tax freeze, so long time residents can afford to stay in their own homes.

  • Environment

    Our environment is fragile, our natural resources are critical to our quality of life, and we need to do what we can to protect both. We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, improve the quality of our water and our air, and crack down on overdevelopment in environmentally sensitive areas. Nancy has a record of securing real results in all three of these areas.

    Maryland is leading the nation in the effort to promote the use and development of alternative energy sources. Nancy wrote the law to create
    Maryland’s Solar Energy Grant Program, which provides grants to private citizens, businesses and local governments to defray the cost of acquiring and installing solar energy products. She voted repeatedly to require energy companies to increase the percentage of renewable energy they are providing to Maryland consumers. In 2011, Nancy led the charge to extend a sales tax exemption to Maryland residents who power their houses using solar or wind energy. Taken together, these steps will help us reduce our dependence on dangerous fossil fuels.

    The legislature has taken steps to improve air and water quality. Nancy voted for the
    Healthy Air Act, which required energy companies to cut nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. She also voted to raise vehicle emissions standards. She supported the creation of the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund to upgrade wastewater treatment facilities, and she voted to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous runoff. These bills curbed the release of thousands of tons of deadly toxins into our air and pollutants into our water.

    We know that development, left unchecked, is a major source of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Nancy voted to strengthen our Critical Areas law, which restricts development along the shoreline, and she voted to give citizen groups better access to our courts to stop development in environmentally sensitive areas. She also worked with Governor O’Malley to preserve funding for Program Open Space, so that we can protect land from development.

    Nancy is working to solve environmental problems in Maryland – and she has a record of securing real results as we fight to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, to improve our water and air quality, and to crack down on development in environmentally sensitive areas. 

  • Other Issues

    Have a question on any other issues? Please contact Senator King here.

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